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Pocket Change Pictures

Filmmaker, photographer, pianist, astronomer (sometimes), martial arts expert (not really), artist Courtney Hoskins has more than a few tricks up her sleeve. Using unique optical tricks learned while studying Physics, Hoskins transforms ordinary household objects such as plastic wrap and tape into bizarre landscapes and alien creatures. Her experimental films have been shown in festivals around the world. Recently, she has begun exhibiting still photographs of light collages made using the same techniques.

Currently, Hoskins is working on producing her first feature-length film.
Courtney Hoskins (Special Effects)
Seadot - Genius

ABOVE: Courtney creates some alien landscapes using only her camera, Clingwrap and her imagination. NO PHOTOSHOP!

RIGHT: Here is Courtney starring in here own promotion for that crazy Japanese beverage SLUSHO! Her talent is just awe-inspiring! Check out her website at

Quartz Films

“I met Courtney while we were competing in an online shorts contest. She made a brilliant movie called “Snowbird,” which I loved. There were others in the contest and I needed someone to help me with some effects. There was one guy with a great animated movie. I tried to talk to him and he blew me off. I went to Courtney’s website - http://www.quartzfilms.com/ - and saw that Courtney was an artist with off the hook skills in Colorado. She had all kinds of incredible samples that encompassed film, video, photography, animation and writing. I also noticed she was an After Effects / Maya / Combustion expert and I began to email her about my needs for LOOP. She said she would help. We have NEVER spoken on the phone or met each other in person. Over email, snail mail and FTP she helped created what I think is the most stunning and compelling scene in the movie. I know I said “helped” but that’s because I don’t want to sell anyone short, but her contributions take LOOP to another level. Courtney Hoskins is an ingenious artist and I hope to meet her some day.” – Pericles Lewnes