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Every movie has its “war stories,” and LOOP is no exception.

LOOP was a self-financed film (hence the company name Pocket Change Pictures), which was shot over 2 1/2 years. Because our cast and crew volunteered their time for the most part, scheduling was always a challenge. As a result, we had to carefully maintain the continuity of wardrobe, location, and set details over that period of time. Due to the lapses between scheduled shoots, three characters had to be re-cast, including one actress who got married, dyed her hair blonde, and enhanced her breasts between shoot dates.

Midway through the film we also had to tag team our directors of photography because the first one got a job that rendered him less available. At one point, in order to move forward with our shooting schedule when our shooters were not available, the director, who was also the lead actor, tied the camera to a broomstick to shoot his own reversals. This is just one example of how we were able to turn obstacles into opportunities, because we loved the results of the broomstick rig. Ultimately, we ended up with exactly the cast and crew we needed, and the movie we wanted to make.