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Imagine waking up not knowing who you are, who you were, or who you will be, in a place familiar yet foreign. The world is in chaos and it twists around you like a snake. Everything brings a vague recollection of memories you just can’t grasp. You meet others like you – lost, confused, and enraged – while the rest seem to ignore your very existence. Who is your enemy? Who is your ally? Is that really your wife?

Who can be trusted?

Meet Joseph List, bewildered white male, midlife mad, drifting in a time warp where answers just generate more questions. Joe knows something happened to him -- something powerful and personal -- and he is desperate to find out what it is. Is it meaningful or meaningless? Can it be fixed or is it not broken?

LOOP is one man’s journey into a senseless world of bent time and elastic reality – a world where he finds that the sanity he seeks is the insanity he’s lost.